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Hikvision Technology

Hikvision's core technologies for best in class surveillance

The right technology

With ever-changing light conditions to overcome, wide areas to cover and a thousand details to capture, you need advanced surveillance technologies, right now, that protect your perimeter and keep your business running smarter, day and night.

Hikvision understands what it means to always feel the urgency of security for your loved ones, for partners and clients or for your business. With those concerns in mind, Hikvision continually research and develop leading technologies to roll out state-of-the-art products for you.

DeepinView AI technology

The DeepinView series always try to see more with its Deep Learning technology inside. 

The DeepinView series capture more faces in a single frame from much wider angles; they detect and distinguish human beings and vehicles, recognise vehicle number plates and they analyse flows by detecting the queue time and status. 

AcuSense Technology

AcuSense Technology recognises whether an alarm is triggered by a person, a vehicle, or another object based on deep-learning algorithms.

AcuSense series products are your perfect choices for an accessible and intelligent security system. It takes alarm accuracy and search efficiency to a whole new level.

Focus on the right events

For most security events, you will search for video clips that captured human or vehicle activities. With AcuSense devices, this gets easier. AcuSense will automatically sort any trigger warnings into ‘human files’ & ‘vehicle files’ from this you can use filters to find information quickly. 

The device will only trigger an alarm when the pre-set intrusion rule (human/vehicle) takes place. Videos related to alarm events are sorted into human and vehicle categories for easier, later access.

Colorvu Technology

Hikvision ColorVu Technology enables cameras to produce colourful videos even in extremely dimly lit environments.

Hikvision ColorVu cameras powerful ability to capture details in low lighting comes from two specific breakthroughs in hardware technologies - advanced lenses and high-performance sensors.

Coupled with a supplemental light for extremely dark scenarios, ColorVu cameras guarantee video with colourful details when you need them.


Hikvision ColorVu is a powerful technology which captures images even in the most low light conditions. 

This video provides comparisons of a standard 8MP camera and 8MP ColorVu camera in different lighting conditions.

Watch the full video to learn about ColourVu technology. 

4K Technology

4K, also called 4K resolution, refers to a horizontal display resolution of approximately 4,000 pixels.

With up to four times higher resolution than standard HDTV 1080p resolution, 4K has not only been adopted by the television industry as a standard but is also becoming the new norm for video-based security systems, promising better image quality and richer detail.

DarKfighter Technology

Pioneers of ultra-low-light Imaging unveil the next level of surveillance.

With stunning color video in near darkness and featuring a large HD progressive scan CMOS sensor, Hikvision’s DarkFighter Technology captures excellent color imaging in extremely dark environments.