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CCTV Poles, Columns, Towers & Accessories

We are pleased to partner with WEC CCTV, an industry leading manufacturer, to offer our customers camera mounting solutions including poles, towers, columns and accessories for the security sector.

What's Available

CCTV Poles
Wall & Corner Poles, Trolley Poles and Highway Structures
The WEC range of CCTV poles include fixed and and tilt over tubular columns, fixed and cabinet based trolley poles as well as Highway CCTV structures including the HSTP Square Trolley Pole, Cantilever Poles and Gantry Mounts.

Camera poles are available as custom/bespoke versions tailored to the customer's requirements and in various paint finishes to match any surrounding scheme. WEC are accredited to supply motorways structures in accordance with the National Highway Sector Scheme 6.

CCTV Towers
Fixed & Tilt-over Lattice Towers
Fixed and tilt-over lattice camera towers are a cost effective solution enabling customers to achieve desired camera height.

Fixed lattice CCTV tower is the most popular, available with off the shelf heights of up to 10 metres or as a bespoke item in excess of 20 metres. With a rigid triangular lattice structure, it ensures excellent stability.

CCTV Columns
Tubular, Square, Decorative, Cabinet based & Vandal Resistant
WEC offer an extensive range of CCTV Columns available, including fixed, tilt-over and direct burial tubular and square columns. All of which are cost effective, low maintenance and engineer friendly. 

Furthermore, decorative columns, fixed cabinet based columns and vandal resistant CCTV columns are also available.


Brackets & Accessories
External & Anti-Climb Brackets, Pole Mounts and Roots
Our range of brackets encompasses dome mounting brackets, swing in brackets, external brackets, anti-climb brackets and miscelleaneous accessories including clamp-on ladder rests, card reader/access posts, telemetry clamps and more.

Road Side Cabinets
WEC offer an extensive range of road side and bespoke cabinets made to your specific requirements.

Standard road side cabinets are available in a range of sizes and manufactured from materials including stainless steel, aluminium or with a galvanised finish. Also available in a selection of colours, they also include a wide range of hardware and can be fully wired and terminated. 


Our sales team are always on hand to discuss your project needs and provide a comprehensive quote including accessories and delivery. 
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